52 Things to Do

1.       See, smell, pick, or press a wildflower
2.       Go for a walk on Summer Bay Beach *
3.       Venture out to Humpy Cove *
4.       Experience the weather rapidly change in one day
5.      Marvel at the Emperor Geese flocks on the rocks
6.       Spot a “Deadliest Catch” boat and maybe even a captain 
7.       Take a tour with Extra Mile Tours to get acquainted with the area
8.       Listen to local musicians at Cape Cheerful Lounge 
9.       Visit the Unalaska Library
10.   Watch an unforgettable sunrise or sunset
11.   Beach comb for sea glass on Front Beach
12.   Hike up Bunker Hill to get a 360-aerial view of the island *
13.   Get a sweatshirt at LFS
14.   Watch the talented Swan Net crew untangle nets in front of the hotel
15.   Visit the Museum of the Aleutians
16.   Venture out to Morris Cove *
17.   Take pleasure in live music, food, and games at the annual Heart of the Aleutians Festival 
18.   Visit Memorial Park
19.   Schedule a halibut charter with F/V Lucille
20.   Watch the salmon spawn in the Iliuliuk Creek 
21.   Have fun at the annual 4th of July parade, BBQ, and fireworks display 
22.   Pick wild salmonberries or blueberries *
23.   Relish the Sunday Brunch at the Grand Aleutian Hotel
24.   Take a drive over the pass
25.   Have a bonfire on the beach *
26.   Visit the CVB  
27.   Volunteer to serve lunch at the Senior Center 
28.   Stop by the WWII Visitor Center to pick up a copy of Fort Schwatka Self-Guided tour booklet
29.   Discover a hidden waterfall in pyramid valley *
30.   Pick up souvenirs at Carolyn Reed Art & Framing boutique
31.   Visit the oldest Russian Orthodox cruciform-style church in North America
32.   Grab a coffee at Island Grind
33.   Shoot hoops at the PCR
34.   Walk around Sitka Spruce Park and surround yourself with trees that were planted in 1805
35.   Pack a picnic and spend the day hiking the ancient Ugadaga Bay trail *
36.   Watch local residents play softball at Kelty Field
37.   Pick up a pizza from Dutch Harbor Fast Food
38.   Call Aleutian Adventure Sports and to schedule an Aleutian adventure
39.   Stop by Alaska Ship Supply and LFS
40.   Compete in the annual Polar Bear 5K run
41.   View the Native Art Collection at the Ounalashka Corporation Office
42.   Grab a birding checklist and go bird watching
43.   Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Amelia’s Restaurant 
44.   Watch FLASH! Unalaska on Channel 8
45.   Relax in the sauna at the Aquatic Center
46.   Get inside a WWII Bunker 
47.   Pick up your fishing permit and cast your line in Margaret Bay 
48.   Take a stroll on Strawberry Hill *
49.   Set up a charter with Miss Alyssa Bering Sea Excursions
50.   Sit on a bench in the “S-Curves” and watch Humpback Whales feed in the bay
51.   Pull out your camera and spend the day taking pictures
52.   Eat at the Grand Aleutian Hotel’s Wednesday Seafood Buffet


*The Ounalashka Corporation owns much of the surrounding land. Some activities require that you purchase a land use permit to enjoy your recreational activities. Permits can be purchased at the Ounalashka Corporation Building, located at 400 Salmon Way.