1. 1741 Gooond Kamchatka Expedition, led by Vitus Bering and Alexi Chirlkov, discover Alaska
  2. 1759 Russians arrive at Unalaska Island: Beginning of the fur trade
  3. 1763 Rebellion of Aleuts of Umnak, Unalaska and Umnak islands results in death of 193 Russians & Kamchedall
  4. 1772-1775 Permanent Russian settlement at Aleut village of lliulluk, “dwelling together harmoniously”. Near present day downtown Unalaska
  5. 1795 The monk Macarius baptizes many residents of Unalaska Island.
  6. 1796-1799 The Russian-American Company is established.
  7. 1805 First Sitka spruces are planted on Amaknak Island by the Russians.
  8. 1824 Father Loann Veniaminov, arrives in Unalaska. He leaned the Language, develops an alphabet for the Aleut people, and later translated material and publishes the first books in Aleut
  9. 1825 Holy Ascension Cathedral is built Holy Ascension Cathedral
  10. 1836-1840 Measles, chicken-pox, and whooping-cough epidemics reduce population.
  11. 1867 Alaska purchased by the United States.
  12. 1868 U.S. Revenue Cutter(now the U.S. Coast Guard) began serving the Aleutians
  13. 1872 William Dall discovers evidence of earlier settlements in archaeological digs.
  14. 1882 The Bishop's House was built in San Francisco, dismantled and shipped to Unalaska. Where It was erected by the Alaska Commercial Company for Bishop Nester. Unfortunately, Bishop Nestor was lost at sea and never lived in the house. Through the next 59 years, 17 priests lived in this house.
  15. 1885 Government school operates for one year.
  16. 1886 April 19: Aleut hunters petition President Cleveland for improvement in sea-otter hunting conditions.
  17. 1887 Vasili Shaisnikoff elected chief of village.
  18. 1889 June: J.A. Tuck arrives to open what in 1890 becomes the Jesse Lee Home.
  19. 1890-1920 Blue fox farming undertaken by Unalaskans.
  20. 1896 Tuck leaves Unalaska and the mission is directed by Agnes Sowle who marries Dr. Albert Newhall. Dr. Newhall directs the Home until it's transfer to Seward.
  21. 1899-1905 Nome gold rush brings many ships through Dutch Harbor where the North American Commercial Company has a coaling station.
  22. 1900 Epidemic causes the death of one-third of the population.
  23. 1912 August 24: Sea-otter hunting stopped by law.
  24. 1919 June: Worldwide flu epidemic strikes island.
  25. 1930's Herring industry thrives.
  26. 1932 B.I.A. hospital built.
  27. 1937 Death of Alexis M. Yatchmeneff, chief of Unalaska for 41 years.
  28. 1940 Navy appropriates Dutch Harbor.
  29. 1941 Unalaska petitions to incorporate as first-class city.
  30. 1942 June 3-4: Japanese forces bomb Dutch Harbor and Unalaska. In July, the Aleut people are removed to Southeast Alaska until their return in April 1945. WWII Bunker
  31. 1946 First Reeve Aleutian Airways flight to Dutch Harbor.
  32. 1950's King Crab industry begins.
  33. 1971 Government sale of Dutch Harbor stopped by civil lawsuit on behalf of Anfesia Shapsnikoff, Nick Peterson, and Henry Swanson.
  34. 1973 The Ounalashka Corporation is formed.
  35. 1978 Unalaska/Dutch Harbor is the #1 fishing port in the nation due to King Crab fishing.
  36. 1980 World-class container crane erected at American President Lines. Port becomes International shipping center.
  37. 1982 King Crab stocks crash.
  38. 1982-1985 Unalaska becomes staging area for exploratory oil drilling in Bering Sea.
  39. 1986 Fishing fleet begins conversion to bottom fishing.
  40. 1989 Most fisheries production in the 200 miles zone is Americanized. Unalaska/Dutch Harbor becomes Alaska's Factory Trawler base. Local shore plants process approximately 2 million pounds of product per day.
  41. 1990 Memorial Park Dedication
  42. 1992 Largest recorded find of Meiocene fossil of the Desmostylid family was found near the ITC building. It was a hippo-like mammal that lived some 8 million years ago
  43. 1994 New City Hall opened
  44. 1995 The Parks, Culture & Recreation center opened their new building
  45. 1996 Holy Ascension Cathedral structure was restored.
  46. 1999 Museum of the Aleutians is completed
  47. 2001 Ounalashka Community Park and Kelty Field completion