A Message From Mayor Shirley Marquardt

Welcome to Unalaska and the International Port of Dutch Harbor! You have arrived at the Gateway to the Aleutian Islands and will marvel at the natural beauty of our islands and our welcoming community. From Unangan culture in the Museum of the Aleutians to historic World War II sites, there are diverse and rich adventures waiting for you here in Unalaska, and we are pleased to have you visiting our home.

If you are a birder or an angler, you have truly found paradise. After a day of hiking and exploring our 38 miles of back roads and ancient Unangan trails, or fishing for salmon, halibut and cod in our sheltered near-shore waters, you can relax and unwind by dining at one of our local restaurants with cuisine ranging from countries as diverse as Mexico, Italy, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Then you can rest for the next day's adventure at the beautiful Grand Aleutian Hotel. Our community center, known as the PCR, houses a full array of athletic opportunities and a full-sized pool if you still have energy to burn. If you are ready to relax, you'll find Internet access and a rich collection of resources on Alaska and Aleutian history at our local library.

For 17 consecutive years, Dutch Harbor is the number one fishing port in the nation for seafood landings, and our docks are busy much of the year, landing more than 515 million pounds of fish and shellfish in 2010. With our pollock, cod and crab harvests, we are a unique fishing town and you will not experience anything like our community anywhere else in Alaska.

We know that you will enjoy your visit to Unalaska and the International Port of Dutch Harbor. Please contact the Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor Convention and Visitors Bureau with any questions you have about our community.