The Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor Convention and Visitors Bureau does not play a role in the distribution of resumes locally, or in the hiring of employees for the fishing industry. We have, however, compiled a list of links that might help you locate a job in our region. In addition, if you do find yourself in Unalaska on business, please stop in at the CVB to pick up maps and local information. We at the CVB recommend that you have a job and housing before your arrival in our community. All too often, those in search of jobs on board fishing vessels fly out to Unalaska in search of employment, only to find themselves jobless and homeless. Keep in mind that we live in rural Alaska, with limited support services for people who become stranded within our community.

If you are looking for employment on a boat, they hire in Seattle or through the State of Alaska Department of Labor's Seafood Hotline. You can learn more about working in Alaska's seafood industry on the Alaska Department of Labor website, or call 1(800)473-0688 or 907-465-8900.

Remember, everybody has to start somewhere and you may have to start as a processor before you ever get a chance to work on deck.

Learn more about getting a Fish and Game License or Commercial Crew member license on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.

Other employment sites:

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